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I’m often asked why Pete’s Natural Sodas don’t wave the certified organic flag,  So I’m here to let you know why.

The primary reason why our sodas aren’t certified organic is that there are not enough certified fruit farms in NZ.  While there are certified organic farms, the number of such farms is limited. The Organic certification process can be a maze of expenses and complexities, and for some, it’s just not worth it.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not rocking the same eco-friendly vibes. Many of the farms we partner with might not have the fancy organic certificate, but they’re all about embracing eco-friendly spray-free farming practices.

Our fruit farmers are all about spray-free organic practices and eco-loving fruit, and that’s why we choose to use them. We take pride in knowing our suppliers and have visited some of their farms numerous times. This close relationship allows us to witness firsthand the commitment these farmers have to high-quality, environmentally responsible agriculture.

But did you know, that most organic beverages in New Zealand use imported organic juice concentrates? These imported concentrates can go through several processing steps, potentially diminishing the organic qualities of the final product and introducing additives and preservatives. Plus, let’s not forget that different countries have different organic rulebooks.

While our sodas might not sport the official organic badge, we know that the fruit we use is spray-free and farmed using organic methods. We’re all about supporting local farmers and paying them a fair price for their fruit – Fairtrade@home we call it – support local

We’re dedicated to sustainable, earth-loving practices and keeping things refreshingly transparent.

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Pete picking up hops in Tapawera.                        Pete picking up lemons in Golden Bay

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