Petes Natural low sugar kola-cola
Low Sugar
Fair Trade @ Home
Freshly Squeezed

Are our sodas organic?

No! and it’s not for a lack of trying- there’s simply not enough certified organic fruit grown in NZ.
We could order in an organic concentrate from somewhere- but we’ve got it pretty dialled in, squeezing fresh, spray free fruit from Aotearoa.

What does Fair Trade@HOME mean?

Fair-Trade makes you feel good about buying something from a different country.
Fair-Trade@Home makes you feel good about buying things from your own country.
It means that we pay all our suppliers, growers and staff a fair wage and treat them well.

Wondering about the sediment?

We could use a concentrate and avoid sediment, but then our sodas wouldn’t taste nearly as good as they do.
The sediment that you see, is the fruit fibres – give the bottle a wee shake (lid on, depending on what kind of party your having) and drink up, it’s good for you.

How much sugar is in our sodas?

Honestly, not much. And what we do use is Fair-Trade raw sugar, none of that bleached, refined stuff.
Including the natural sugars from the fresh fruit, there’s about 6-7% sugar in each bottle.

Why is our ginger beer different?

Why would we want our ginger beer to taste the same as the others!
We sweeten ours with only West Coast honey, and spice it up with fresh ginger-
Perfect for those Moscow Mules.

Why are our boutique sodas a healthy alternative?

No concentrates, no weird acids, no sweeteners.
We make soda like you’d find outside your neighbours place on a sweltering summers day, with natural homegrown ingredients.

Only better, because Pete’s been doing it longer than those kids have been alive.

How long will they last?

In my fridge, a carton will last a week or so – I assume they’ll last around the same amount of time in your fridge too.
However, if you forget about them, they should be good for around 18 months before turning to hooch.

Do they have to be refrigerated?

Only if you like your sodas cold!
They’re happy at any temperature, but best drank chilled.