Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering about the sediment?

Because we use all freshly squeezed juice, you’ll notice some sediments on the bottom of most our drinks. These are fruit fibres which have settled. Just tip over the bottle (with cap on 😉 ) and it will mix.

Why do we use freshly squeezed juice?

Because we prefer to use New Zealand grown fruits to support local growers. We do not want to use concentrates from overseas. All organic concentrates look yucky, like a thick paste of paint. They are usually all imported from China. Would you trust that?

Are the drinks organic?

No – because there is not enough organic fruit available in NZ and we don’t import concentrates from overseas as we want to keep supporting the local economy.

All the fruit we use is spray free – basically the same as organic only not certified.

How much sugar is in the drinks?

All our boutique drinks have approximately 6-7 grams of sugar per 100ml (6-7%) and the sugar we use is a Fair Trade organic raw sugar, this is a healthier option, it has not been refined, not been bleached. It’s in its raw form, gives a bit of a honey flavour.

Why is our ginger beer different?

Our ginger beer is mainly sweetened with West Coast honey, which results in only 3.8g sugar per 100ml. And because we use fresh ginger you also get a real hit of ginger which makes it more spicy than conventional ginger beers.

Why are our boutique drinks a healthy alternative?

They are a very healthy alternative to most other drinks because they are all made with freshly squeezed juice. Low in sugar, no additives, no chemicals, no preservatives or artificial colours or flavours – no hidden nasties!

How long will they last?

Sepends on how fast you’ll drink them 😉 18 month from bottling, there’s usually at least 15 month of shelf life left when they leave our warehouse. The products are pasteurized at a low temperature for a short period of time to extend the shelf life.

Do they have to be refrigerated?

They can be kept ambient but it is best to enjoy them chilled.