It all began with a Lemon!

Introducing Pete’s Natural Sodas: A Refreshing Twist on Kiwi Beverages

Get ready for a sip of something extraordinary – because Pete’s Natural Sodas is shaking up New Zealand’s drink scene in the healthiest way possible!

Let me take you back to where it all began, with a simple question and a shared frustration.

Hi, I’m Pete, and this is my partner in crime, Mrs. Pete. We used to be known for our mouthwatering bakery treats, but we hit a point where those sugary, imported drinks just didn’t cut it anymore. It was time for a change – a healthy, homegrown change.

Living in the breathtaking Aotearoa NZ, we couldn’t ignore that heaps of incredible fruit was going to waste around us. “Why import juice concentrates when we’ve got this goldmine of fruit right here?” I’d often grumble to my wife. But sadly, importing juice concentrates is cheaper, leaving NZ’s beautiful fruit to rot.

That’s when the vision hit us – crafting a genuine, healthy drink using the bountiful fruits of Aotearoa. No shortcuts, no compromises. Just 100% natural ingredients, fresh New Zealand fruit juice, and no imported concentrates.

Pete’s Natural Sodas was born after some trial and error (and maybe a few spills). But it’s more than just a tasty beverage – it’s a philosophy we live by. Our ‘FairTrade@Home’ approach ensures we pay a fair price for fruit, saying no to imports and harmful additives while rescuing fruit for juicing and reducing food waste in NZ. It also means that local farmers get paid a fair price for the fruits they harvest.

Our story started from frustration but turned into a determination to keep it real and refreshing. Pete’s Natural Sodas isn’t just a brand; it’s a commitment to crafting a better product for you and the environment. We’re all about preserving the authentic taste of New Zealand’s fruits while championing sustainability and health.

So, are you ready to join us on this delicious journey? Grab a bottle of Pete’s Natural Soda and taste the difference yourself. Cheers and high-fives all around!

Pete and Mrs Pete