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Do you want some healthy drinks yes please!!

Welcome to the beginning of something extraordinary – Pete’s Natural Sodas, a refreshing twist to New Zealand’s beverage landscape.

And guess what? It all started with a simple question and a shared frustration. Let me introduce you to the brains behind the operation – I’m Pete, and this is my partner in crime, Mrs. Pete. We were once known for our delicious bakery treats, but there came a point when we just couldn’t stand those sugary, imported drinks any longer. It was high time for a change. A healthy drink made in New Zealand

Living in the stunning Aotearoa NZ, we found ourselves surrounded by an abundance of mouthwatering fruit that was going to waste. I couldn’t believe it. “Why import juice concentrates when we have all this fantastic fruit right here?” I’d often complain to my wife. Unfortunately, importing those concentrates was cheaper, which meant that perfectly good NZ fruit was being left to rot.

We had a vision – a vision of crafting a genuine healthy drink,  an all-natural, old-fashioned lemonade using the incredible fruits of Aotearoa. It wasn’t just a whim; it was a change that needed to happen. And we were determined to be the ones to make it happen. So, I set out on a mission to perfect the recipe. No shortcuts, no compromises.  Just 100% natural ingredients, fresh New Zealand fruit juice, and absolutely no imported concentrates.

It took some trial and error, but I finally cracked it, giving birth to what we now proudly call Pete’s Natural Sodas. But it’s more than just crafting a delicious drink, it’s a healthy drink. It’s a philosophy we live by – ‘fairtrade@home.’ It’s about paying a fair price for the fruit, ensuring it’s worth picking, and saying no to imported concentrates and harmful additives.

Our goal? To rescue fruit for juicing and help reduce food wastage in NZ whiles creating a natural and healthy drink.

Our story was born out of frustration and turned into a determination to keep it real and refreshing. Pete’s Natural Sodas isn’t just a brand; we are dedicated to creating a better product for you and the environment. It’s about preserving the genuine taste of New Zealand’s fruits while ensuring sustainability and health.

You can check out our full range HERE.

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