You want something refreshingly appealing and quenching to include in your retail fridge or beverage menu? Then look no further… We’re proud to bring you a range of 10 natural delicious boutique drinks like no other!

Locally Sourced

We support fair trade at home. All of our fruit is sourced from right here in NZ. With the best produce in the world. Why would you go anywhere else?


Pete uses only 100% natural ingredients. NO nasty additives, preservatives, or artificial flavours. So you are getting a real fruit hit.

Low Sugar

We use 30-50% less sugar than other leading brands, with less than 5% added sugar. What you are tasting is the real fruit flavour.


As well as reducing emissions by supporting local growers, our bottles are also made in NZ from recycled and recyclable glass We are also Gluten free, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly. Our range currently consists of 9 delicious flavours, which are listed in order of popularity below. Lemonade, Feijoa Lemonade, Currant Crush, Lime-O-Nade, Ginger Beer, Kola and Raspberry Kola, Orange Berry and Lemon Chilli (comes with a real chilli in each bottle!)

Simply contact us for further information and if you would like to wholesale Pete’s Natural.

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