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Natural Beverages – Why we use NZ suppliers to make our healthy drinks

Kia ora! Pete here, one of the brains behind Pete’s Natural Sodas,  I’m here to spill the beans on why our allegiance to local Kiwi suppliers and fruit growers is more than just a savvy business move – it’s a downright personal vow.

Pete’s Natural Sodas proudly wears the Kiwi badge, and we’re not just throwing around slogans. We’re putting our money where our roots are – deep in the soil of Aotearoa. When we say we source locally, we mean it. We have invested in the heartbeat of our communities, giving a high-five to local businesses, and weaving the kind of connections that make New Zealand more than just a place on the map.   Our Natural beverages are the best!

Now, let’s talk about taste. Taste isn’t just a checkbox on our to-do list; it’s a freaking priority. We’re not just making a natural sodas; we’re orchestrating a symphony of flavours. How? By teaming up with local fruit whisperers to ensure that each bottle of Pete’s Natural Sodas is sensational. A crisp, vibrant explosion that only the best, locally sourced produce can deliver.

It’s not just a natural beverage; it’s a full-blown celebration of taste, a party in your mouth! Building Pete’s Natural Sodas isn’t a solo effort; it’s a team sport. Our relationships with local suppliers and growers go beyond transactions; they’re partnerships built on trust and shared values. We call this “FairTrade@Home”

When you crack open a Pete’s Natural Soda, you must know that you’re not just enjoying a beverage; you’re sipping on the spirit of Aotearoa. It’s a taste of our commitment to local communities, a dedication to quality, and a celebration of the extraordinary flavours that make New Zealand home.

Go try for yourself the best natural beverages around

Here’s to keeping it Kiwi and keeping it natural.

Cheers and high-fives

Pete x

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