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“What a great idea, fresh hops in a lemonade !!!” Chris M.


Fresh Hop Lemonade.

Pete is a man of many things.
He’s a Croc © enthusiast.
He’s a master baker.
He’s a soda maker (his name’s on the label)
And he’s also really good at drying hops.

Pete’s been spending his evenings in Tapawera,
helping prepare these delicate flowers for his mate Dean,
in return for a big bag of fresh hops that he could put in this bottle of lemonade.

And about 5,500 others.
But that’s not important.
What is – is that you have the opportunity to buy a few of them.

Our fresh, natural lemonade-
steeped with a fresh hop.

Florally full-bodied, tart and tangy.
A bit like a beer – without the beer-ness.

Individually numbered

(crate for display only – crate not included)


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No Nasties

No Nasties

Our sodas contain 100% natural ingredients. Absolutely NO nasty additives, preservatives, or artificial flavours here.

Zero Concentrates

Zero Concentrates

We use zero concentrates when we make our sodas so you're getting a real fruit hit with fibre. Natural and delicious!

Less Sugar

Less Sugar

We use 30-50% less sugar than other leading brands, with less than 5% added sugar. What you're tasting is the real fruit flavour.

Fair Trade Fruit

Fair Trade Fruit

We support Fair Trade @Home. All of our fruit is sourced from right here in NZ and our farmers get a fair price for their produce.



As well as reducing emissions by supporting local growers, our bottles are made in NZ from recycled and recyclable glass.

Only 100% natural ingredients in Pete’s Natural.

Florally full-bodied, tart and tangy.
A bit like a beer – without the beer-ness.

Freshly squeezed spray-free lemons, a dash of organic raw sugar and a fresh hop cone from down the road to add more oomph.

Fresh Hop Lemonade.
Fresh Aotearoa grown fruit, straight from the grower instead of imported concentrates.
A pinch of fair-trade raw sugar rather than lashings of corn syrup.
Recycled glass bottles instead of plastic;
bottled in our very own solar powered factory in sunny Motueka,
right on the skirt of the Abel Tasman.

Better for our growers, Better for our planet, Better for you.

Best ingredients for a real fruit hit

Lightly carbonated water, organic fair trade raw sugar, freshly squeezed New Zealand lemon juice and a fresh hop cone.

And that’s it, nothing more, nothing less, only the best.

The facts

Nutritional info per 300ml serving
Energy 324kJ 108kJ
Protein 0.1g 0.1g
Fat, total 0.0g 0.0g
– saturated 0.0g 0.0g
Carbohydrate 18.3g 6.1g
– organic sugars 18.3g 6.1g
Sodium 1mg 0mg

Real people who love Pete’s Natural, just like you…

Fresh Hop Lemonade Review

“A super refreshing soda that keeps me coming back for more! I love the taste and the quirky designs on the bottle.”

Danielle M.
Fresh Hop Lemonade Review

“Love love love this drink! Light fizz, less sugar and real lemon flavour. The Lemonade Spider has my heart.”

Katie W.
Fresh Hop Lemonade Review

“Delicious, refreshing and honest lemonade. Pete’s is a mainstay in my fridge at home and I use it as a base for terrific cocktails.”

Al B.


  1. Ingrid Ennis

    A great hop flavour without being overpowering. Having a hop in each bottle is a fun addition.

    • Marleen Suy

      Thanks Ingrid – we agree 🙂

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