Welcome to Pete's Natural

Welcome to Pete's Natural

A family-owned solar powered soda factory in sunny Motueka, squeezing fruit from all over Aotearoa.

Less sugar, zero concentrates and no nasties

9 unique flavours plus a sparkling water

Fair Trade @ Home

Fair Trade@HOME means that we buy all our ingredients in New Zealand.
Other companies use Fair Trade ingredients from overseas to add flair to their story but we prefer to support our local economy.
By buying all our fruit here in New Zealand, we support the local growers, paying them a fair price for their fruit. To us that makes sense. Keeping  it local !!!

Grab your favourite drink of choice or mix it up!

Free Shipping On Orders Over $60* - We only ship within New Zealand.

Pete’s Natural Lemonade is a delicious, refreshing and honest lemonade. It’s a mainstay in my fridge at home and is often used as a base for terrific cocktails.

Al BrownWellington

Love your Lemonade; if only all Kiwi inspiration was as good. Clearly you shot for the moon and landed amongst the stars. Love ya work.

Simon GaultAuckland

Wow! Eventually, an awesome yummy product like Pete’s Natural by the box, couldn’t be better! I bought some from my local café the other day, I love this stuff!!! Yummy