It’s no secret that Nelson-Tasman is the Mecca of food and beverage producers.
With heaps of local companies feeding and refreshing Aotearoa every day, it’s a pretty daunting task to choose only a few local companies to keep the price, nice.

So we’ve resorted to something that isn’t all that daunting-
the alphabet.

The PPPP Box.
Pete’s X Proper X Pomeroys X Pic’s

4x 300ml bottles of Pete’s Naturals favourites.

150g bag of Proper Crisps’s Barbecue Rub, a brand new flavour probably not even in your local supermarket yet!

A 200g bag of Pomeroy’s exceptional freshly roasted, plunger grind Guatemala OR Cuban coffee.
(We’ll surprise you)

And finally, 380g jar of Pic’s legendary freshly roasted and squished peanut butter.

$5 shipping, nationwide. 

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