It’s no secret that Nelson-Tasman is the Mecca of food and beverage producers.
With heaps of local companies feeding and refreshing Aotearoa every day, it’s a pretty daunting task to choose only a few local companies to keep the price, nice.

So we’ve resorted to something that isn’t all that daunting-
the alphabet.

The PPPP Box.
Pete’s X Proper X Pomeroys X Pic’s

4x 300ml bottles of Pete’s Naturals favourites.

150g bag of Proper Crisps’s Barbecue Rub, a brand new flavour probably not even in your local supermarket yet!

A 200g bag of Pomeroy’s exceptional freshly roasted, plunger grind Guatemala OR Cuban coffee.
(We’ll surprise you)

And finally, 380g jar of Pic’s legendary freshly roasted and squished peanut butter.

Shipped free, Aotearoa wide.

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